VISIKOL developed a suite of products which provide researchers with an unprecedented view of tissues for enhanced characterization. We currently sell several reagents and supporting materials through our divbio which allow researchers to label and image tissues in 3D for complete characterization. We see our products as transformational in that they allow researchers to shift the paradigm of bio-imaging from the traditional 2D histological approach to a 3D approach. Below you can see our product categories which include tissue clearing reagents and kits for whole animal tissues (Visikol HISTO), 3D cell culture models such as organoids, spheroids and microtissues (Visikol HISTO-M), developmental and reproductive toxicology studies (Visikol TOX) and plant biology (Visikol for Plant Biology).

We've got 30 products from Visikol

Visikol® for Plant Biology

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Visikol® for Plant Biology

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Visikol® for Plant Biology

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Visikol® for Plant Biology

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Visikol® MOUNT

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Visikol® MOUNT

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Visikol® MOUNT

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Visikol® HISTO-1™

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Visikol® HISTO-1™

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Visikol® HISTO-2™

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