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Intact Genomics provides a wide variety ofenzymes, competent cells, cloning kits, RT-PCR & RT-qPCR kits for your molecular biology related research needs. We offerigh quality products at low prices and in multiple package sizes. All products are developed, manufactured and shipped from our headquarters in St. Louis. Highest EfficiencyChemically & Electroporation Competent Cells ig™ 10B ig™ 5-alpha BL21 (DE3) BL21 Phage Display Cells (TG1, SS320) BAC Cells (10B, 10B Copy-Up*) Custom Cells Recovery Medium

We've got 130 products from Intact Genomics

igScript One Step RT-qPCR Kit

price on login4218

Cas9 Nuclease

price on login3276 (HC)

Hot Start Taq 2x Master Mix

price on login3295

Taq DNA Polymerase

price on login3245

igScript RT-PCR Kit

price on login4515

Hot Start Pfu DNA Polymerase

price on login3318

igScript One Step RT-PCR Kit

price on login4213

Taq DNA Polymerase with Dye

price on login3246

Pfu DNA Polymerase

price on login3312

Taq DNA Polymerase with Dye

price on login3246d*

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