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Founded in 2008, Imgen BioSciences, Inc. is located in the Advanced Technology & Manufacturing Center, Fall River, Massachusetts, USA. Our primary mission is to develop and commercialize rapid detection assays for food safety, and specific targeted agents with diagnostic and immunotherapeutic potentials in the fields of cancer and infectious diseases. We also provide services for immunogenecity studies, molecular cloning, production of immune receptors, and recombinant antibodies.

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SensiT beta-lactam strip test kit

price on requestSTBL-010

SensiT beta-lactam plus strip test kit

price on requestSTBL-020

SensiT Gentamicin Strip Test Kit

price on requestSTGEN-020

Amoxicillin-BSA conjugate

price on loginI-3025

Ampicillin-BSA conjugate

price on loginI-3001

Apramycin-BSA conjugate

price on loginI-3031

Bacitracin-BSA conjugate

price on loginI-3034

Cefalexin-BSA conjugate

price on loginI-3046

Ceftazidime-BSA conjugate

price on loginI-3022

Cloxacillin-BSA conjugate

price on loginI-3002

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