EnoGene Biotech Co. Ltd, is a biological high-tech corporation that specializes in developing and production of antibody related products for biochemistry, molecular biology, immunology and other reagents in general laboratory use. EnoGene Biotech possesses advanced equipments, a highly experienced professional team, and the first class laboratory technology to offer the best products and services to universities, colleges, academes and institutes. At the same time, EnoGene Biotech focuses on transferring and developing the innovative research findings to reagent products. We will contribute to the development of biomedical research with our continuous new products. At present, we have established the full-blown technology for monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies development. Meanwhile, we provide researchers with biotech services like peptide synthesis, monoclonal antibody development, polyclonal antibody development, antibody validation by Western Blot, ELISA, flowcytometry, immunohistochemistry, etc. Through normative experiment operation, sternly control of the quality, and the full-blown technology, we will provide researchers high-qualified biotech services, saving your time and energy for more secrets in the vast field of life science. Innovation drives EnoGene continuous growth in the life Science technology field, providing the latest and most advanced services of this domain. In short, we can supply you with constructive suggestions and comprehensive solutions to the problems you meet during antibody development. EnoGene is committed to developing itself to the world's provider of antibodies and antibody related services with the best quality and the most competitive-edge prices. We're sure that EnoGene will become your right hand and a partner you can trust. EnoGene™,Enjoy Innovation……

We've got 3470 products from Enogene

c-Jun (Ab- 63) Antibody

price on loginP05412

GSK3BETA?Ab-9) Antibody

price on loginP49841

c-Jun (Ab-73) Antibody

price on loginP05412

PDK1 (Ab-241) Antibody

price on loginO15530

Raf1 (Ab-259) Antibody

price on loginP04049

GSK3alfa (Ab-21) Antibody

price on loginP49840

MEK-2 (Ab-394) Antibody

price on loginP36507

NF?B-p65 (Ab-254) Antibody

price on loginQ04206

NF?B-p65 (Ab-276) Antibody

price on loginQ04206

NF?B -p65 (Ab-435) Antibody

price on loginQ04206

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