Cell, Science & Nature Inhibitors/Agonists & Natural Products PROTACs & Screening Libraries CSNpharm is committed to providing you with high quality products and outstanding services. We supply over 5000 bioactive compounds in stock, including inhibitors, agonists, natural products, PROTACs and Screening Libraries for laboratory and scientific use. CSNpharm is dedicated to providing customers with all kinds of high quality bioactive small molecules. We own a comprehensive product line and offer profes- sional after-sale services to achieve customer satisfaction. Our products have been widely used in various fields of biopharmaceutical research and development, especially in the research focus areas such as cancer, infection, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. Our tech-support team classifies products into Apoptosis, Epigenetics, Wnt/Hedgehog/Notch, PI3K/Akt/mTOR, etc., according to the basic biological theory of signaling pathways which cover all aspects of the pathogenesis of diseas- es. CSNpharm has always been committed to develop quality products that exceed international standards on cost and reliability. Our products are validated by NMR, UPLC, LC-MS, GC, Chiral HPLC and so on. The test results are available to our customers. CSNpharm has a professional technical support team for customer service with years of experience in life science Products with same technical specifications as our catalog material but in larger pack sizes. Or products that are not included in our catalog. CSNpharm has experienced team of custom synthesis chemists, led by impressive group of Ph.D.s. With this team, we have the capability of supporting all kinds of chemistry projects of multiple step synthesis of complex labeled molecules, includ-ing metabolites and steroids. With high experiences in preparing a large numbers of different biologically active molecules, we provided more rapid synthesis of new products. That is why we always can consistently deliver your custom synthesis compounds rapidly.

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Ethyl Orsellinate

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Ethyl Orsellinate

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Ethyl Orsellinate

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