To maintain a leading industry position, Akron is constantly adapting and responding to customers’ changing needs. At Akron Biotech, we are not simply a reagent distributor. We form a relationship, furnishing clients with comprehensive solutions to meet their specific needs. This means we provide regulation-approved raw materials (USP, EP, and JP grades) and biological reagents, from research grade to GMP grade. Furthermore, our products are supported by expert services that ensure regulatory compliance and a shorter time-to-market. Akron differentiates itself on its quality, consistency, and expertise. We’re well placed to grow significantly in a rapidly expanding market. As a global supplier, Akron manufactures and distributes components and raw materials for cell therapy discovery, development, and commercialization, meeting the industry’s needs worldwide. Our company’s unique business model emphasizes flexibility, quality, and unparalleled service—from research and development through clinical trial, market authorization, and commercial product.

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BSA Endotoxin Free

price on loginAK8917-0100

CryoNovo M26

price on loginAK9949-0030

Bovine Transferrin HOLO

price on loginAK8204-0500

CryoNovo P24

price on loginAK9932-0100

Bovine Fetuin

price on loginAK8537-0005

BSA Fatty Acid Free (Assay Stabilizing)

price on loginAK8909-1000

CryoSolutions 10%

price on loginAK8900-0005

CryoSolve 7mL Syringe Box

price on loginAK8217-2507

Human Serum (Converted from Plasma)

price on loginAK9770-0100

BSA Fraction V (pH 7.0)

price on loginAK8905-0500

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